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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 14, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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latest for you coming up at 7:25. mission co mission accomplished. a massive two-month-long rescue ends as all 33 miners are freed and reunited with their loved ones. when's next for the brave men? how are they doing now that they're back on the surface? we'll talk with a relieved family member. delaware drama. u.s. senate candidate and tea party favorite christine o'donnell is grilled in her first debate addressing everything from witches to china to late-night tv jokes. >> this election cycle should not be about comments i made on a comedy show over a decade and a half ago. >> so did her performance help or hurt her chances? and perez hilton makes nice. the celebrity blogger known as the queen of mean tells ellen
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with so much bullying going on, he doesn't want to be a bully himself anymore. so will the millions of followers log off? early this thursday morning, followers log off? early this thursday morning, october 14th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good thursday morning, everyone. so nice to wake up to a happy story, a spectacular conclusion to the drama in chile. welcome to "the early show." i'm maggie rodriguez. >> i'm harry smith. good morning, everybody. >> we want to take you to chile where this was the scene all day yesterday. 33 miners trapped nearly half a mile under ground are safe along with six rescuers. seth doane is outside the san jose mine this morning with the latest. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. what was accomplished here in this barren strip of desert celebrated around the world. and the president of this
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country said that chile is a different country than it was before this ordeal. it is stronger today. as they were able to turn what could have become a tragedy into a triumph. with his fellow miners returned to safety, luisuzura said good-bye to the rescuers and entered the capsule, finally it was his turn. [ chanting ] 32 miners had already taken the ride. up a 2,000-foot shaft cut through solid rock. above ground, more chants of celebration. this time, sensing chile's 70-day national or deal was finally coming to a conclusion. just before 10:00 p.m., urzua emerged. he insisted on being the last one out. he hugged president pinera and said we have done what the
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entire world was waiting for. then, the day-long celebration hit a new pitch. >> tonight, we have experienced a night that we will never forget. each time i had the chance to hug the miners they were so happy because they were experiencing a kind of rebirth. >> reporter: but although the $22 million rescue mission an overwhelming success, those six rescue workers had to make it back safely. one by one they returned until just one man remained. and with his return to the surface, chile's national nightmare ended better than anyone might have dreamed. for 22 hours in seemingly without a hitch, the miners came up. the operation so efficient it sped up over the course of the day. and each time the same heart-wrenching scene played out. family and friends who've been
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staying here at camp hope are beginning to make the way home. hopeful only for their future. now, you might remember that initially they predicted it could be a 48-hour-long rescue. well, it was less than 24 hours. and you might remember in the beginning suggesting a christmas rescue and here we are in the middle of the october. the president of chile used to own a television station and, indeed, appears to be a picture-perfect orchestrated event. maggie? >> seth doane, thank you. jose sanchez is outside the mine since the very first day. he had three family members, victor, esteban and pablo trapped inside. and he joins us this morning from chile. good morning, sir. first, i'd like to ask you what it was like to be part of the massive celebration we watched. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: it was tremendous.
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at first, we saw the reality of the situation. and after coming to the top, and to be with us, we celebrated until about 2:00 in the morning. >> how are you family members doing? [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: everybody's good. everybody is happy. waiting to be reunited. they're in the hospital now but we're waiting to see them in person. >> have they said what was the most difficult part of their experience? [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: when we first got there, we didn't know anything but the situation. and the owners of the mine left everything abandoned and were left and the miners were left
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alone. >> do you know if they'll go back to their work as miners? [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: no, no members of the family want them to continue working as miners. at least none of the family members do. we don't want to live the same experience again. >> what are they looking forward to in the future? [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: my brother-in-law writes songs, plays a guitar, accordion, all sorts of instruments. he could dedicate himself to music or to writing a story of what happened. >> jose sanchez, thank you, sir. we wish you all the best. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: thank you all for supporting us from so far away.
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>> you're welcome. now here's harry. >> all right, maggie. here to talk about what happens next for the miners is colonel tom kolditz, chairman of the department of behavioral signs. colonel, good morning. >> thanks, harry. >> let's talk a little bit about -- they're out. but we really witnessed something very interesting as those miners were under ground. they had meetings every day. there was a leadership structure. how will this serve them as they now are above ground? >> well, that structure while they were down in the mine really protected them from a lot of stress and trauma that they otherwise would have felt. the challenge down there was a lack of certainty, volatility, ambiguity and a leader can take structure and purpose and put it into a group and literally create feelings of certainty and hope in the group by doing that. >> even when there almost doesn't seem to be any. >> absolutely. >> yeah. would you say, go so far as to
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say having gone what they have and moments of total hopelessness that they will have endured some sort of post traumatic stress? >> it is likely a percentage of these miners will experience some long-term stress reactions. and that can take anywhere from six to nine months to e moerch after the trauma. we need to watch them for a while. however, some will get out of the mine, they will have a one-week to three-week adjustment period and then be just fine. >> yeah. what would be the things that if somebody called you up and said, give us a little advice of what to expect in terms of behavior of these guys, what would be the things you would be wary or cautious about? >> what we'll see first of all is a complete disruption of the sleep patterns. they will have difficulty sleeping. they will have nightmares. sort of jet lag only worse. and so that's going to create friction in the families and
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takes time to work through and adjust but most of them will be able to do that. >> yeah. it's interesting as we were talking around the office, these guys will be instant celebrities. and that may be something that they're least prepared for. certainly go down in the mine. certain things that come through your safety instruction and all that other stuff. the celebrity part might be the hardest part of all. >> it could be. it will definitely tend to pull this group apart, pull individuals in different directions. it's very hard work. and they're tired right now. so they're going to have to balance their rest and recovery with all the notoriety and fame. >> what a story. colonel, thank you for being here. appreciate your service, as well. >> thank you. >> here's maggie. we turn to politics and the senate race in delaware. last night's first debate between the two candidates got national attention because of various statements because of one of them. christine o'donnell. nancy cordes is at the university of delaware where the
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debate was held. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. well, this debate involved two candidates but the spotlight was really on one of them. christine o'donnell and her history of controversial comments. >> on this specific quote that you said that cli that has a plan to take over america, do you know about this plan? >> they misquoted me at the time, i believe. but look at what's going on. >> reporter: the financial troubles also came up. >> how can voters rely upon your thoughts on how to manage the deficit if you're having such personal financial issues of your own? >> when i fell upon difficult times, i made the sacrifices needed to set things right. i sold my house. and i sold a lot of my possessions. >> reporter: outside the auditorium, several witches milled about. some for o'donnell. some against. her now infamous ad came up more than once.
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>> there's been lots of discussion in the national media of things she has said or done that i think frankly are distraction from the core issues that delawareans ask about. >> you're jealous you weren't on skt saturday night live." >> because i'm not a witch and if i am do you really want to cross me? >> reporter: the national attention on this race seemed to put both o'donnell and the democrat chris coons on edge. >> cause them to -- >> we'll try to have a conversation instead of just a diatribe if we could. >> reporter: o'donnell struggled to name a supreme court decision she disagreed with. >> i'll put it up on my website. >> reporter: and refused to say her views on evolution. >> it's irrelevant what i believe. >> reporter: o'donnell spent the night on the attack because she's 20 points behind in the polls accusing the opponent of one point of being a marxist and
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one of the few light moments he said i'm a lifelong capitalist. maggie? >> nancy, we could see it on tv and make decisions of how she handled herself but what was the feeling of the people on campus and her performance last night? >> reporter: we talked to students. o'donnell seemed to surpass the expectations because their expectations were so low but, frankly, they didn't come away thrilled with either candidate. they thought he was condescending and she was very vague. these two kachcandidates have another chance to impress the voters s today. they're debating today. >> thank you, nancy. lots more news this morning. erica hill is back and at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. we begin with a record number of foreclosures in this country. banks seized more than 28 8,000 homes july to september. that's according to realty
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track, a foreclosure listing service and the number up 22% from last year. at that rate, home repossessions will surpass the 1 million mark this year. officials in 50 states opened an investigation into allegations that banks okayed thousands of foreclosures without reading the documentation or in some cases using false documents. protesters clashing with police this morning at the ancient acropolis in athens. they were demanding as much as 22 months in back pay after a scuffle, though, you can see a little bit there, police broke up the demonstration. the head of a new afghan peace council says the taliban are ready to negotiate. they said this morning that the taliban do have some conditions to start the talks but initial discussions have taken place. senior nato official says forces will allow for safe passage to kabul for the senior taliban leaders wishing to attend the peace talks.
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defense secretary gates is in brussels at a nato foreign ministers' meeting. atlanta police credit hip hop star. thei. with talking a man out of suicide. the rapper turned up yesterday at a 22-story building where the man was threatening to jump. . thei. recorded a cell phone video offering to speak with the man if he came down and he agreed. well, little advice for you or perhaps your teenager. getting ready to take the driver's test. here's what you don't want to do. take a look. yeah, this is the aftermath. you're want to see, there's the dmv. a pittsburgh teen crashed the car into the dmv. little close-up close there for you yesterday. it happened after he passed his test. apparently he was dropping off the man giving him the test when he put the car into drive instead of reverse. and as you can see, he then plowed through the front window. three people suffered minor injuries. i was worried pant ra lel parking. here in new york city, a
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sighting with jaded new york citiers scratched their heads. a mysterious silver shiny object or objects it seems floating in the sky yesterday. you could see the people stopped in the street there. some folks say they saw lights. others were maybe waiting for little green men to arrive. >> i don't know. >> ufo? you don't want to say it. >> i'm looking for the mother ship. >> law enforcement officials believe it was some kind of balloon so far, though, no confirmation and as they said on the "x-files" the truth is out. there finding truth and apples, dave price is your man in vermont for the first check of the weather. dave, good morning. >> oh, i don't want to admit i solved this but harry's family, interestingly enough, came into town yesterday, erica. looking -- yeah. we are in shellborn, orchard.
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nothing says autumn like "foliage, apples and vermont." surrounded by the beauty this morning. the average american, by the way, consumes 19 pounds of apples per year. so, apples, what we're talking about all morning. go to the maps a. lot to talk about weatherwise across the country. a check of the u.s., still warm temperatures in the southwest. the northwest, light
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>> much more from vermont in just a little while. guys, we'll send it back the you no new york. >> what a great picture. you can almost smell the apples, right? >> perfect. still ahead this morning, still no sign in the missing jet skier, david hartley. no arrests either. we'll take to -- take you in to the investigation when we come back. also ahead, the new perez hilton, he says no more nasty nicknames.
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and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet. what happened to david hartley, the jet skier gone now two weeks on the border between mexico and texas. some new ideas about that. we'll talk to an expert in just a minute or two. also, if you are familiar with perez hilton, celebrity blogger, you know he he is mean. he admits it and calls himself the queen of mean but says because there has been so much bullying smaeshl against gays, he, himself is gay, has been called a hypocrite and will stop. we'll talk more about this coming up. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you!
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good morning. 7:25. i'm juliette goodrich. time for headlines. no reports on injuries in the apartment fire along a major street this morning. but some residents have been evacuated. the fire is in the 1700 block of calaveras boulevard near north temple drive. oakland city officials going to court trying to keep members of a gang from hanging out together. they're seeking an injunction against dozens of gang members in the fruit vale area. a similar injunction earlier this year targeted a gang in north oakland. drivers going from the east bay to the peninsula today should stay off the san mateo bridge. cal trans closed one of the westbound lanes after inspectors found a cracked steel beam under the roadway near the high-rise. the emergency repair work could
7:26 am
take until tomorrow. we'll have elizabeth with the latest on our san mateo traffic and lawrence on our forecast in just a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning. well, as you may have heard juliette just mentioned they're doing emergency repair work on the san mateo bridge. the right lane is closed just before you get to the high-
7:28 am
rise. drive time not looking too bad. still holding steady about 16 minutes from hayward toward foster city. these are the westbound lanes. looks like it's starting to get slow about mid flat section out to the high-rise. let's go to our maps. pretty heavy traffic right now on southbound 880 even getting to the san mateo bridge. backed up from at least a street. then looks like what a lot of people are doing is avoiding the san mateo bridge altogether and using the don barton instead. 880 through newark. the don barton or bay bridge good alternates. that's your traffic. for your forecast here's lawrence. beautiful start to the day for you. over to the bay looking good. you have some sunshine and couple high clouds making their way across the bay right now. we're going to see plenty of sunshine most spots this afternoon. looks like temperatures still a little hot in spots inland 80s, some low 90s there. inside the bay temperatures mainly 70s to 80s. bay side 60s and 70s.
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i think there are some cowboys out there. >> yep. >> i know where they are. >> yeah, you would. >> welcome back. coming up, the latest on the mortgage mess, several big banks have put foreclosures on hold. every state attorney general in the country has joined an investigation into mortgage companies. what does it mean to you? we are going to try and figure that out in just a little bit. >> that's what everyone wants to know. also this morning, why perez hilton is saying he doesn't want to be a bully anymore. he made his reputation in the gossip world being mean but swears he will be nicer from now on. we'll tell you why and see if his fans are ready to follow him. >> first, though, the latest on david hartley's disappearance
7:31 am
along the u.s.-mexico border where the investigation reportedly has turned up evidence of mistaken identity. and after the latest deadly message from a mexican drug gang, some people are wondering if the american jet skier will ever be found. cbs news correspondent don teague has the latest. >> reporter: it's a story that has captivated america, with more twists and turns than a best-selling crime novel t. began as a fun-filled day of jet skiing for tiffany and david hartley. it ended with murder and a mystery that has created an international uproar. the couple was attacked after visiting an old church that's on the mexican side of falcon lake and there are reports this morning that tiffany and david hartley may have been mistaken for members of a drug cartel and caught in the middle of a turf war. david was shot in the head and is presumed dead. tiffany escaped and called 911. >> are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes, in his head. >> reporter: the days since the
7:32 am
shooting have been emotionally trying for david hartley's family and his wife, whose story was questioned by mexican authorities. one official saying, we're not sure. we're not certain that the incident happened the way they are telling us. >> you do feel like, you know, this is it, i'm never going to see him again. >> reporter: and the american sheriff investigating the shooting says he believes tiffany hartley, in part, because of blood evidence and eyewitness and this police dashcam video that shows the couple being pulled over on their way to the lake. family members initially criticized what seemed a lack luster effort by mexico to find harlley's body. >> please, negotiate. this we want david home. >> reporter: last wednesday the mexican army and police began a massive search using boats and military helicopters, dangerous duty in an area of mexico controlled by the heavily armed
7:33 am
cartel. >> these individuals possess the caliber of machine guns, rpgs, shoulder-fired grenade launchers. >> reporter: this week they murdered the lead investigator in hartly's case and delivered his head in a suitcase to the mexican army. >> it breaks my heart that people would do this to him. >> reporter: today, there is still no sign of david hartley's body and no end in sight to mexico's drug violence. don teague, cbs news, dallas. joining us now is fred burton, vice president of intelligence for the global intelligence company stratfor, a counterterrorism special agent for the state department and joins us live this morning. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> as you've been able to sort of piece together all of this information, even from some distance, what do you make of it all? >> i think it's highly feasible that the hartleys were in the wrong place at the wrong time. they were identified by zeta
7:34 am
spotters, these are individuals that are posted as lookouts to keep an eye out for undercover agents, either from u.s. law enforcement or mexican law enforcement. and i think a set of dominos started to fall when they went out on the water and they were just certainly a victim of circumstances. >> this is a theory now. >> yes, that's a working theory of mine. but, i also know it's shared throughout the law enforcement community. >> because, now were the plates on the jet ski trailer mexican plates? >> yes, they were. and i think when you look at this in perspective, with my knowledge of working on the border violence issue for quite some time now, it's not unusual at all for these cartels to be on the lookout for any kind of individual that just doesn't fit, seems out of the ordinary. >> so, here they are, anglos,
7:35 am
mexican state plates on the jet ski. if there's a spotter on the american side of the border, somebody on the other side is going to know instantaneously. >> absolutely. the cartels have a very robust intelligence collection network on the ground. they use small little hand-held motorola radios, message texts and so forth just to report on the movements of individuals that don't fit. >> so then, there is this outcry and there is this response and something has to be done and the state department begins to become involved. and, as the mexican authorities start to investigate, there is a significant pushback, then, from the cartels. >> absolutely. the cartels own this geography and specifically the zetas, which is a very violent organization and their signature is the beheading of the mexican police investigation --
7:36 am
investigator, which is just absolutely horrible. violence is something they're quite used to. in essence, they're not opposed to picking up family members or loved ones of individuals and hold them for extortion and ran some, and so forth. >> and while the
7:37 am
>> up next, the foreclosure crisis gets ugly, with rising accusations of fraud. find out how to keep your home from being snatched away. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ another day ♪ another dollar ♪ daylight comes ♪ i'm on my way [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ another day ♪ another dollar ♪ working my whole life away
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jo we have been reporting how several big banks have stopped foreclosing on mortgages at least for now because they are not sure the paperwork is correct. now there is growing pressure on the banks to root out the cases of alleged mortgage fraud. this has become a huge mess that will impact millions of homeowners. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here to tell us what it means for us. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, maggie. >> how did we get here. >> it started long ago.
7:41 am
this is the thing people need to keep in mind. this mortgage mess and all these banks with mortgages and problems and potential fraud taking place, this didn't start yesterday but we became aware of it recently because of all of the problems in the overall housing market. but, it started long ago, when banks were going out giving out loans to anyone and -- anyone and everyone. >> for the asking. >> buy a home -- exactly, and started repackaging them, cutting them up, slicing and dicing them selling them off to new people. what that was a very lucrative business but now has come home to roost. >> who is the biggest offenders. >> bank of america is the biggest bank in america, on top of that wells fargo, gmac and citigroup are the biggest banks in the country right now servicing loans and many probably own loans people who are watching right now have. >> let's say you got your mortgage from bank of america initially. >> sure. >> doesn't mean b of a has your mortgage now.
7:42 am
how do you know who has it? >> that's important to realize. what that original mortgage note you signed when you basically bought your home who owns that now is important because whomever owns that now is the only bank that can legitimately foreclose on you. there's a website set up called wheresthe that's where you want to go to find out exactly who owns your mortgage note. you put in your personal information. i vetted the site. literally hundreds of thousands of have visited this site already because it is useful. >> what should i do with that information and why should i know that? >> first of all, even though you don't think you are facing foreclosure or dealing with mortgage fraud, this is important for any homeowner to know because it is important to know obviously who you pay your money to every month and whether or not it is legitimate. if you think you have actually come in contact with mortgage fraud or you've been the victim of that, you need to reach out to your attorney general like we've talked about here on the show and reporting, 50 attorneys
7:43 am
generals from all the states in the country are now pursuing this, they're investigating it. if you think you've been a victim, you need to let them know. that will help aid them in their investigation. >> very quickly. where are mortgage rates today? >> 4.27% the 30-year fixed rate mortgage, a the a low of all time records. >> do you think it will go up because of these investigations? >> likely, the investigations themselves won't impact the number. what will have an impact on the number, the federal reserve and its interest rate policy. >> of course we're watching that, too. >> yes. >> thank you so much. up next a kinder, gentler perez hilton. do you believe it? the very serious reason the queen of mean says he is changing his act here on "the early show" on cbs. >> i don't want to be a bully. i don't want to be called a bully. stains, down to a science. cer ] we've got new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like proteins, carbohydrates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents tackle a full range of stains.
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7:47 am
perez hilton says he has decided to actually be nice from now on as our correspondent ben tracy reports, it's a big change for the online gossip giant. >> i am very happy, scared, and ready to make this video. >> reporter: one magazine declared hell had just frozen over as celebrity gossip monger perez hilton unveiled a kinder, gentler persona. >> i don't want to be called a bully. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed queen of all media boasted his website at hollywood's most hated and regularly calls her manniston and controversially outed gay performers like these. he doodles on celebrity photos adding cocaine linked to a photo of underage miley cyrus claiming she wasn't wearing underwear even posting that
7:48 am
michael jackson's death was a hoax. but hilton says it's time to make a change. he explained that to a skeptical ellen degeneres wednesday. >> a lot of people don't believe you but if you say you want to change and i -- i think it takes a big person to look at themselves and say i want to change so i want to listen to what you have to say. >> i'm going to do things differently on my website than i have in the past. i'm to the going to call people nasty nicknames. >> reporter: so, why the sudden change of heart? perez says it is because of the recent rash of suicides among gay teens including the cyberbullying and death of rutgers student tyler clemente. >> over the last week and a half, two months i've been doing everything i can to bring awareness to the issue of teen suicides and gay bullying and in doing so a lot of people have called me a hypocrite. >> reporter: he may be dropping the mean but promises to keep the sass. but is that what his fans want? >> he's established himself as this brand, this mean snarky
7:49 am
brand and if he takes away the mean and snarky, is his brand left? we'll have to see. >> reporter: perez says he doesn't care if he loses some of his audience. it the's more important to be part of the solution than the problem. ♪ change >> reporter: ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> it will be interesting to see if there si any change and how his followers react to this, how they respond, because the ideal takeaway here would be maybe they get it, too and that the bullying happens at all ages across all platforms and it's never okay. >> i think it's great, i think it is unfortunate it took all those suicides to make someone realize mean is bad but, better late than ever. let's hope he sticks to it. >> we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. of the common cold each year in america. ♪ so, as you prepare for cold season, make sure your home and medicine cabinet
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7:52 am
people who live in the suburbs know really about this
7:53 am
animals is out of control. how many times are you afraid that's going to happen. >> oh, my gosh. >> susan koeppen with ideas how to prevent that, when we come back. [ female announcer ] the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving cream.
7:54 am
it blocks pain signals fast for relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. precise.
7:55 am
no reports of injuries this it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. no reports of injuries after a fire reported this morning. some were evacuated from the building near north temple drive. sunny vale based yahoo is once again the topic of takeover talks. the wall street journal reporting aol and some private equity firms are trying to put together an offer to bite internet giant. so far no indication that yahoo is involved in any of these talks. analysts say a combined yahoo- aol would have a better chance of competing against google. san jose investigators expected to announce this morning that suspects have been arrested for the fire at trace elementary school. sources told the mercury news two teenagers are suspected of setting the fire in july.
7:56 am
fire department has a news conference scheduled for 10:00. that fire destroyed the main building of the rose garden area campus which included 16 classrooms, several offices and library. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
all right. start with a look at the san mateo bridge where they're still doing the emergency repair work. they have the right lane blocked and traffic is only slow right before the high-rise
7:58 am
where they're doing the repair work. getting to the bridge on southbound 880 is backed up as well to hayward. looks like more sensors but a lot of people are avoiding the san mateo bridge altogether. southbound 88o is a really slow ride from union city to newark. okay past the toll plaza. the don barton great alternative for westbound 92 this morning. one of our co-workers used the bay bridge and says it is really bad. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. elizabeth, we have a lot of sunshine coming your way. slow down and get outside and enjoy it. not going to be around for a whole lot longer. at least the warm temperatures any way. couple clouds moving across the skies right now. beautiful start to the day out there. temperatures running in the 50s and 60s by this afternoon. still going to be hot in a few spots. you got to go inland 80s and 90s there. inside the bay you'll find 70s and 80s towards the coastline couple patches of fog. 60s and a few 70s.
7:59 am
much cooler as we head throughout the weekend. and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message.
8:00 am
yeah, exactly. >> welcome back, everybody. we should say welcome back. >> we should say howdy. >> hang on a minute. >> howdy. >> thank you very much. >> harry, you wish you were a cowboy, don't you? >> my old friend said cowboying is a state of mind, and i am a cowboy. >> may i? there you go, buddy. yeah. >> it's too small. >> i'll wear it. >> there you go. that's a little better. >> now we're feeling it. you know what, they prove real
8:01 am
men love pink when it comes to supporting breast cancer, so thank you, cowboys. >> you look good in that hat, ma'am. >> thank you, sir. thank you. >> you look better than mine. i'm all hat, no cat. i'm harry smith with maggie rodriguez. we can do this. this time of year, deadly serious business on the roads when it comes to deer. i mean, in suburban areas around the country, these things are proliferating like crazy. the number of cars and trucks hitting deer has increased 20% in just the last five years. this morning our susan koeppen will show us things that might help avoid accidents. we'll have tips for drivers as well. >> that video doesn't look real. it looks computer generated. >> it's real. >> also ahead, a new drew carey. if it wasn't for glasses, you might not recognize him. he's lost 75 pounds.
8:02 am
he says he wants to lose another 15 by the end of the month. our own julie chen sat down with him and he's going to tell us his secret and why he's doing this. david arquette admits he said too much to howard stern this week. you think? unbelievable. he talked about his breakup with courteney cox saying, among other things, that she was tired of mothering him. this is a very sensitive area for married couples and we'll take a look at that issue as well in just a little bit. >> first let's go back inside to erica hill at the news desk. good morning, erica. >> good morning, y'all. good morning to everyone at home. chill earthquake is celebrating this morning, celebrating with the rest of the world, after the flawless rescue of 33 trapped miners. as those miners are beginning to adjust to life on the surface, chile says the mine will never open again. seth doane joins us from outside
8:03 am
that mine, the san jose mine. >> reporter: good morning, erica. that's right. a collective sigh of relief here as we all watched that last miner step onto the surface here. just an incredible picture, dramatic conclusion to a stunning rescue. with confetti and champaign, 2,000 faithful celebrated the rise of the last trapped miner from the depths of the earth. about 22 1/2 hours after the operation began. luis was the shift leader in the mine, known for his calming presence and discipline. he insisted the men have meals together in the mine and that he be the last miner out. a rescue capsule brought miners up one by one like clock work. a broken door latch was the only hitch. >> tonight we have experienced a night that we will never forget. and i think that chile today is
8:04 am
more united and is stronger. >> reporter: the underground odyssey began back on august 5th when 33 men mining for gold and copper were feared dead after a collapse. it took rescuers more than two weeks to find them. in the end they endured at least 69 days, buried more than 2,000 feet underground. the longest anyone has been trapped underground in history. the last man to emerge from the crumbled mine last night was the first rescue worker to go down. manuel gonzalez took a bow. for a nation it was mission accomplished. for 33 men, a second chance at life. >> each time i had a chance to hug the miners, they were so happy, because they were experiencing a kind of rebirth. >> reporter: now, the miners are
8:05 am
at a nearby hospital for about 48 hours of observation. doctors will be looking for signs of psychological stress more than anything. .ings like nightmares, panic attacks, and claustrophobia. erica. >> still such an incredible story. seth doane in chile. seth, thanks. the senate candidates in delaware will face off again today, this after a debate last night that included tough questions for both. republican christine o'donnell is running against democrat chris coons. coons had to explain the influence of a marxist professor while o'donnell once again explained her statement on experimenting with witch craft. >> this election cycle should not be about comments made on a comedy show over a decade and a half ago. >> it's an article i wrote as a senior the day of our commencement speech. the title and content of that clearly makes it obvious that it was a joke. >> there was also much discussion of health care reform. most polls in delaware have
8:06 am
o'donnell trailing by double digits. first lady michelle obama is on the campaign trail this week. this morning she's in sweet home chicago where she spent the night at the obama south side home after a windy city appearance for the democratic senate candidate alexi. >> she's not going to vermont because we find dave price there checking the weather. that could not be a more postcard perfect picture of you. look at that. >> it is so gorgeous here. the sweater belies the fact it's much colder than this. the temperatures are in the 30s. here is a little quiz for you. how much different types of apples do you think there are in the world. >> 157. >> very close.
8:07 am
very close. >> really? >> good answer. 7500. apple varieties all over the world, 2500 in the united states. here at shellborn orchards 20 different types. rhode island greens. these right here. you have your empires. these are right over here. you have these golden delicious. they are over here. you have macintosh, they are over here. and of course apples, maple syrup, and all those products which scream vermont made here locally. apple criider, lots of fun stuf. a lot of people don't realize, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. first of all, they are new trishs. secondly, in an apple like this, we have just 80 calories or so. we're with nick, who runs this operation. what's so important about
8:08 am
locally grown apples like this in vermont? >> first off, they are much tastier and fresher to eat. all the buy local stuff that's ha
8:09 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by travelers. >> that's a quick look at our weather picture. cider, we're making it at 8:30. back to you. >> bring some back, dave. this is not the drew carey we remember. we'll ask him how he got to his weight and how he wants to go even lower when we come back to "the early show" on cbs. [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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♪ in this morning's healthwatch what we can all learn from a smaller drew carey. this is a big month for the comedian. he's celebrating his third anniversary as host of "the price is right." he's hoping to reach his longtime goal of 170 pounds. he's very close. our julie chen got the skinny
8:13 am
from the funny man himself. >> hey, drew, how are you? good to see you. you look fantastic. >> thanks. i'm working on it. >> twenty years into a successful career drew carey has reinvented him. "the price is right" star stunned audiences recently when he revealed a drastically slimmer physique when he revealed a slimmer physique. we met up with the funny man and avid bowler at lucky strikes lanes in hollywood to find out how he went from a hefty 260 pounds to a healthy 185. so this is the first time you've bowled since you lost 80 pounds? >> yeah. >> does it feel different? >> you know, everything is easier now. when i would host "the price is right," my feet would ache at the end of the show because i was caring weight around. i had to wear special shoes. i can wear any shoes i want.
8:14 am
i'm bouncing off the walls. my energy is better. >> so what started this all? >> i was just sick of being fat, you know. you get sick of it. it's a tiring lifestyle to have. easiest diet is, you know, eat vegetables, eat fresh food, just a really sensible healthy diet like you read about all the time. >> nobody wants to do. >> i could never give up my whatever. but you're living -- you're stressing your body out. i think better, work better, have more energy, get more done, sex life is better. everything improves. >> drew, you look so good. >> nice to see you. >> you look so much thinner in person. >> thank you so much. >> a revitalized carey isn't done dropping weight just yet. his goal is to balance the scale at 170 pounds by november, a total loss of more than 90 pounds in 11 months. >> one of the blocks i'm having now is i get so many compliments, people say, hey,
8:15 am
you look great. girls are like, wow, check you out. when you're hearing that every day, it's hard to get up and say i've got to lose these last 15 pounds so i look good. i'm already getting compliments. that's a big block for me. i wish people would call me fat again so i could get these 15 pound off. >> the weight loss isn't the only thing making drew happy these days. three years after taking over the reins of television's longest continuing run game show, he loves to come to work every day. >> that stage is positive affirming energy there. it's positive. everybody there is happy. they are screaming and happy and jumping up and down and joyous. it's like being in a pentecostal church. it really is. it's like being in a really intense yoga class or something like that. you can't help but walk out with a glow of joy. i'm the one that gets the most of it, you know. you can't help but be changed by all that.
8:16 am
>> that's how you do it. >> and we'll see if drew can reach his weight goal. in fact, you can track his progress every weekday on "the price is right," 11:00, 10:00 pacific up next on cbs. if there's ever been a deer in your headlights, you know how scary it can be. some important tips to stay safe on the road when we come back. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by robitussin relief finder at used what to get? now robitussin makes it simple. click on the robitussin relief finder at [ nose blowing ] [ male announcer ] click on your symptoms. ♪ get the right relief. ♪ makes the cold aisle easy. the robitussin relief finder at it'that simple.
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whens when versus car on the highway, the results are usually not very pretty. 200 drivers a year in the united states are killed in collisions with deer. and october, november, and december are particularly high-risk months. early show consumer correspondents susan koeppen is in valley grove, west virginia with the story. susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
8:19 am
harry. we're live in west virginia because this is the number one state in the country for deer-vehicle collisions. according to a new sfaud, your chance of hitting a deer in this state over the next 12 months, 1 in 42. but, nationwide there, are more than a million deer-related accidents every year. this driver's night is about to take a violent turn, a deer dashes out into the road without warning. a scenario repeated over and over on roads and highways across the country. over the past two years, there have been an estimated 2.3 million deer-related accidents. that's nearly 96,000 a month, almost 3200 a day. it's estimated that over the past five years, the number of deer-vehicle collisions has increased more than 21%. think about it this way. in the time it is taking me to talk to tell you all of this, it's likely that someone,
8:20 am
somewhere in america has hit a deer. according to a new report by state farm insurance, west virginia, iowa, michigan, south dakota, and montana round out the top five states where drivers are most likely to hit a deer. jonathan la mac yeah was about to merge onto a highway when he came face to face with a full-grown buck. >> i slammed on my breaks and hope the deer kept running but i hit into it. >> reporter: his car was totalled, the deer killed, jonathan walked away uninjured. >> i feel like we were really lucky, you know, that the car didn't go off the road, the deer didn't go in the car. >> reporter: experts say urban sprawl combined with more drivers on the road is a main reason for so many deer-car collisions. a majority of the accidents happening between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. how big of a problem is the deer population in the united states? >> oh, it's huge. >> he sz this little device called deer deter is it possible
8:21 am
solution to preventing many deer-car accidents. now, at work if places like essex county, new jersey, the device senses headlights of approaching cars and sets off a flashing light and high-pitched noise. we have a bunch of cars coming down this stretch of road. they are coming along. this senses the car and does what to the deer? >> it's activated if the deer's approaching it, the deer just stops and as the vehicles go by, it'll stop going off and the deer will go on its way. >> reporter: essex county spends $100,000 on more than 400 devices for its biggest trouble spots. so far, deer collisions have slowly started to decrease. but, with a growing deer population, america's roadways are becoming increasingly hazardous for both deer and driver. and just in case you're wondering, the state with the lowest number of deer collisions, hawaii.
8:22 am
your chance of hitting a deer in that state, 1 in more than 13,000, harry. >> not a lot there, i guess. what are the best things you can do as a driver to make sure you and a deer don't come head to head? >> reporter: well, experts say one of the first things you should do if you come head to head with a deer while you're driving, don't swerve, that's one of the worst things you can do, you can actually make an accident even worse. and, also, if you see one deer, there are probably more since they travel in herds. and, also, check your insurance policy. not all insurance policies will cover one of these accidents, and they can be pricey, harry. >> last but not least, you are standing there in the deer-hitting capital of the world. have you seen any deer this morning? >> reporter: um, there is a deer behind me, but let me just say you don't want us to pan the camera over in that direction, harry. >> i understand, completely.
8:23 am
susan koeppen, thank you very much. still ahead, courteney cox isn't the only wife who mothers,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
an emergency repair project on the san mateo br cause traffic 8:25. time for news headlines. an emergency repair project on the san mateo bridge could cause traffic jams for the next two days. cal trans is fixing a crack in a steel beam under the roadway. the right lane on the westbound side of the bridge is now closed. there may be some bart delays east of lafayette this weekend. bart officials say they will need to slow the trains due to construction on the tracks. service between the lafayette and pittsburgh bay point stations will be effected. wait times could last up to 30 minutes. sarah palin is in san jose today. she'll be at the center for performing arts at 3:00 p.m. there will be a question and answer session with local residents. visitors will also have a chance to get an autographed copy of the governor's book. traffic and weather coming
8:26 am
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8:27 am
good morning. it is slow on the san mateo bridge. the right lane blocked before the high-rise. back upstarts to begin just about a mile past the toll plaza. westbound 92 that closure in effect for most of the day. they're hoping to get that stretch reopened for the evening commute. cross your fingers. a lot of people are using the
8:28 am
don barton as an alternate. southbound 880 that ride is slow all the way to newark. once you get on to the don barton bridge it's pretty good. speeds all the way towards men lo park. bay bridge another good alternate this morning. pretty busy commute back up to the maze. westbound 80 pretty backed up as well commuting down the east shore freeway. near the coliseum on 880 in oakland stop and go as you head up towards downtown. check out this commute northbound. very slow on 280 heading down to downtown san jose. that's your traffic. here's lawrence. weather looking good to start out your day. few clouds floating across the skies. a lot of sunshine coming your way. fog probably going to be developing toward the coastline as we head in toward the afternoon. as it looks like high pressure weakening somewhat. still going to be hot in spots. 80s and 90s inland today. inside the bay 70s and 80s and mostly sunny skies towards the coastline. cooler temperatures in the 60s
8:29 am
and 70s. cooler in towards sunday and monday.
8:30 am
if you didn't know better, you'd think we were trailing cattle here. >> we love it. >> workin' the fall gather. >> can i give a shout out? >> please. >> to little hayden who turns 8 today, his grandparents are here. happy birthday. how many grandparents you did say you had? >> 13. >> and where is hayden? >> in chamberlain, south dakota. >> there you go. a great day for him. >> welcome back to "the early show," everybody. >> have you guys ever had like a little cough and googled it and became convinced you had a deadly ailment? >> it can happen, easily. >> that's what happens with the internet, you know, we become
8:31 am
our own doctors and misdigz ourself frequently so our real doctor, jennifer ashton is here to tell us things you should worry about and common ailments that are no big deal. >> very important information. also, rather odd phone call you may have heard from that came to the howard stern show. granted, he gets a lot of phone calls on that show. this came from david arquette calling in to talk about his split from courteney cox and he offered a lot of detail, a little tmi, if you will, talking about their personal lives. one of the things he mentioned, he said courtenney was tired of, quote, mothering him. it appears she may not be alone. apparently, this happens a fair amount in this country. >> i'm kind of glad he said it because it opens the conversation, right? >> we'll have that conversation with you this morning and also help you perhaps reverse it if your marriage is headed that way. >> plus, anthony sioux ker, creator of csi and many other things, great best-selling "new york times" author will be along. he had first digital novel out
8:32 am
now another one. everything is -- all the platforms are crossing and are meeting and intersecting. >> i'm dizzy. >> yeah, okay. so, he's going to be along this morning to tell us how that all works out. >> first, back to the most beautiful place on the planet at least for us this morning, vermont, where dave is standing by with another check of the weather. ahhhh. >> ohh, look at that. those are the thousands of apples and we are going to make cider, the old-fashioned way right here. nick is here, dealing with, what, an an teeing apple press, right. >> yes. >> the greatest things we need to apple cider, apples. that's all, that's it. we have a bunch in the press already. we'll turn this on. all that's in here are warm apples. and it is, to tell you, okay, did we get that? uh-oh. all right. hold on, just one second. one second. just to tell you, no double
8:33 am
dips. that's all that's in here. just ground apples. it takes about three apples to get a good cup of cider. no? there we go. while we -- by the way, while we roll the press, do you want to see how you make a delicious apple turnover? watch. there we go. that's a delicious apple turn over. thank you very much. we'll be here all week. all right, we are moving into the press now. we are starting the press. this is going to push all of the juice out of the already ground-up apples. nick, what kind of apples are wing why to make this cider. >> it's mcintosh, these are mcintosh apples. >> all of this will come down and create the beverage which sneaks down through here. >> 2500 pounds per square inch. >> look at that baby. it is beginning to kind of crush right now. there you see it, beginning to
8:34 am
drip. look at. this hold on. can i get -- i can get in here for a -- >> it's coming up. it's coming up. >> i can't get it fast enough. hold on, live television at its best. oh. delicious apple cider. hmmm, no
8:35 am
>> that's a quick look at your weather. this cider is delicious -- literally. maggie, it is so gorgeous in vermont, so gorgeous. >> have you had apple cider donuts and if they have some, can you bring me some? >> in fact, they have i had some this morning. for a price i may bring you some. >> we'll talk about that by e-mail. thank you very much. have you had a weird twitch or found a strange spot on your skin and immediately decided you had a terrible disease? things like this can freak you out but, relax are, harmless as
8:36 am
our dr. jennifer ashton is with us with a list of common complaints that probably don't mean for which your health. >> good morning, maggie. every doctor when she or she is in medical school we read about the book and read the disease and every single person says, i have that. >> i have tharchlts it is not just laypeople. >> because of the internet we can all read about it and convince ourselves we are sick. >> that's correct. >> if we have certain things like skin tags it probably doesn't mean anything. what is a skin tag exactly. >> really just benign skin growths, more common as we age, more common in people with diabetes, more common in people who are overweight and look fleshy, sometimes have a little stalk and can rub against jewelry or clothing, beeven in, usually not cancerous but there are things, of course you should keep an eye out for. i will always tell you, most serious things, don't go away on their own, they get worse. >> and skin tags, if harmless, should not get worse?
8:37 am
>> exactly. the things to look out, for again you what unto be observant on your own skin because we always talk about the benefit of being aware of your skin for skin an ker, et cetera, if something changes, colors, if it bleeds, if it has an irregular border. if you just feel anxious and concerned about it, very simple go to a dermatologist, very easy to remove. >> okay. the next thing, some people get this like cloudy film over their eyes. i learned this morning those are called eye floaters. >> that can't be a good thing. >> again, another consequence of aging because we have a gel in our yidz ball, as we get older, the collagen, we have less in there and actually get these little -- it is little debris, actually in our eyeball and they look like little hazy floaters or spots. now, very important when you are talking about vision, there are some visual changes that can actually be serious the floaters are not. but, as we get older, 35 and up, it's really a good idea to see an eye doctor regularly to get your eyes examined, if you have a shade come down over your eye
8:38 am
or you have visual changes or part of your visual field gets impaired, you're not seeing well, absolutely you want to see a dr. but these little things that kind of tend to float around, they don't impair your vision or get worse, it's just consequence of aging. >> it may be gross but not necessarily harmless. >> exactly. >> the next thing is something i've noticed as i age i tend to bruise much easier than i used to. why does that happen? >> a lot of reasons, our thin gets thinner and our capillaries -- always get weaker. it is more common to see bruising. a lot of people as they get older take a baby aspirin and can increase the risk of bruising. if you are noticing the bruising is out of proportion to injuries or you are feeling you are getting more of them on your body or it's accompanied with other types of bleeding like nosebleeds see a doctor. we have to remember certain efr the counter things like ginko can thin blood and increase the risk of bleeding. again, usually harmless if you notice it excessivel, ask your
8:39 am
doctor. >> how many times do you bend down and notice that everything cracks or in the gym. do you worry. >> again, joints crack, people crack their knuckles and that myth don't do that, for injure joints. really not true. it is not really clear why joints pob and make noise, the thinking there may be air bubbles inside or as ligaments and tendons move over joints, usually harmless. of course if you sustain an injury and hear a pop. >> even with aging don't not a symptom of arthritis or osteoporosis. >> not a symptom just our bodies make noise. >> okay. we'll put that on the web so people can access the information. erica. >> thanks. after 11 years of marriage, david arquette and courteney cox say they are on a trial separation. we know a lot about why they made that decision, because the day after announcing their plan, an emotional arquette called
8:40 am
into howard stern's show and revealed rather intimate deals about the couple's problems. >> she doesn't want to nag me anymore. >> sometimes she thi ss of you as a little boy. >> she gave me the motorcycle and she said i don't want to be your mother any more. i got it. >> he apologized yesterday. how else? he tweeted of course saying, quote, i went on howard stern to provide clarity and honesty about what i'm experiencing but while doing that -- what he is doing is something many couples can relate to. how common is this mothering problem. we wanted to ask our expert cooper lawrence. good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> courteney cox is quoted as saying the things you fall in love with become the things you don't like. ouch. >> it's so true. you first meet them and think, oh, we're like kids together and he's so fun and free-spirited. you are not interpreting that as immaturity. when you met him, he was
8:41 am
immature, you thought isn't this fun and this is great and we're kids. >> basically, it was there but the kind of thing that can morph into this so-called mothering. it is important to distinguish because women, i think we really do have this desire in some ways to take care of people. >> right. >> and that's not a bad thing. that's one kinds of mothering. >> but taking care of. >> this is different. >> taking care of them or acting like his mother, making decisions for him, letting him not have responsibility around the house, taking on all his burdens, making all the plans in the family. i was thinking of this couple i know she made all the plans and decided i'm for the doing that anymore and they sat home many saturday nights wondering what will i do now? because that was his roll, the mommy and decided on play dates. when she decided not to do it, he had no idea what to do with mself. >> a grown man, though. how do you make sure you don't get sucked in this so-called mothering trap and keep it from happening. >> you have to recognize it early. the fact that courteney cox said
8:42 am
that is so enlightened of her. if you think of every relationship you've had and what's gone wrong with them, it is pretty clear you knew from the beginnings those signs were there. so recognize those sgleerl give us an idea what the warning signs are you are headed towards this traffic specifically. >> he stops doing things for himself. he puts everything on you, even the chores of the day, just the regular stuff. you come home and feel like you are saying as if you are talking to a child, make your bed, pick things up. >> take the gar ban out. >> exactly. he should do that on his own and want to take responsibilities. he should be the other half of you. >> david arquette in his oversharing overtalk ad, of course, tweeted poll jae said he and court new cox haven't had sex in four months. >> i think it is way longer than. think about it, if somebody is behaving like your mother, that's not hot. you don't want to have sex with someone you perceive in a mother role. exactly not for her either, who
8:43 am
wants to have sex with somebody she feels she is completely infantsizing here. >> it wasn't courteney cox apparently mothering david arquette. are those roles ever switched. >> exactly. sometimes we say she has a daddy but the daddy, mommy, the whole stigma, more about the fact that somebody in the relationship has all the power and the other person is just like a child like at home when your mother made all the decisions, can i go out, can i spend money, what can i do? you don't want to have a relationship that doesn't have an equal amount of power in some ways not meaning someone pays the bills and the other does nothing, it could be ying and yang, one person is shy and the other is out there. it is a balance. >> you have to recognize -- >> having somebody is an equal is really, really important and "he equal" is interpreted differently by every couple. >> lots of things to think about. thank you very much. >> thanks very much. >> creator and executive producer of csi anthony
8:44 am
zuiker about to add to his long list of first. last year brought us the first digi novel, which became an international best seller now moving the villain of that book, the killer into tonight's csi episode. take a look. >> oh, my. anthony is with us this morning oonz, good morning. >> good morning. >> good to have you back. >> thank you. >> all right, level 26 killer, we need to go back and re-establish what that is, exactly. >> there are 25 levels of evil on the evil scale as they measure serial killers. level 26 is my next level of
8:45 am
fear. we have taken the forensic proof killer out of "dark origins." >> first of all, the first diginovel. >> and put him on csi tonight starring anne margaret who plays the victim of the whole conspiracy. the great thing about this move after the csi show ends, the story continues in the book "dark prophecy". >> amazing, really amazinamazin. just to reorient people from the last time you were on, which we're talking about the first diginovel, for instance, the new one "dark prophecy" you are reading along and through chapter three and you get to -- through chapter 2, get to chapter 3 to watch steve dark's personal tarot card reading please lon on to level and enter the code. what people can do literally read the book and go to the internet then what happens. >> that's right. basically read the book cover to cover like any great traditional crime though vel but in a
8:46 am
diginovel every 25 pages or so you log and enter a code and bridges you from one chapter to another, kind of a separate inside the book on top of a great need and narrative. >> when you were here the last time we were sort of introducing this whole thing. >> sure. >> turns out it is an international best seller, "new york times" best seller. did you know then that it would work as well as it turns out to have worked? >> we hoped. >> i know you hoped, but did you think. >> i'm a huge fan of publishing, motion pictures and social networking. we merged all into one. >> how did you get anne margaret on csi. >> i called her up, she was on the queen mary from london to new york. i introduced myself and gave her the pitch. she said let me see a script. they printed it out for her, she read it at night and said i was scared to death. she does a masterful job in the episode tonight. >> she looks great. >> she's very fit and gorgeous. she does her own stunts, all
8:47 am
black and blue. >> really? how fantastic. >> she's unbelievable. she had a great time. >> how do we keep track, what show is on what night now because there has been moving around. >> csi las vegas thursday at 9:00. csi miami is on sunday. >> wow. that's -- it's one thing to have a lot of shows on at once but those all end up on this sort of critical time spots. how is that in terms of the way on your show list. >> our responsibilities for thursday is csi, a very tough time slot and very competitive. we have definitely done all our great sisterlines in that time slot. friday and saturday it is important to help other shows like "blue bloods" on cbs, all about keeping the network healthy and other he shows healthy. >> and seems to be working. >> it's our home. >> your son is how old. >> 10 years old. >> he makes a cameo appearance? >> he has a pretty good in this
8:48 am
role "dark prophecy" plays the young steve dark my protagonist son. it was his first acting debut. i had a bunch of kids debut and he picked it up and said i can do this and i said you're kind of a natural and did a wonderful job. >> mot sort of this, please, daddy -- >> no, he literally picked it up and said, i can do this and i said, wow, what a piece of -- >> somebody around actors for a good portion of your adult life, is that a good thing or not a good thing. >> i said, you can be whatever you want in your career. if you want to pursue acting i'll definitely support you. i got in trouble with the wife because i had him up late at night on a shoot like, get him home. but all in the spirit of the movie, you know. >> there you go. all in the family. >> wife keeps you grounded. >> a pleasure to see you. thank you so much. congratulations on everything. >> thank sflu you can watch csi crime scene investigation tonight alt 9:00, 8:00 central here on cbs and you can read an excerpt from anthony's latest
8:49 am
diginovel "dark prophecy" on our website we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,, meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman
8:50 am
sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers. we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter?
8:51 am
jo so, how is this for a theory sitting around thinking about this yesterday, right, the whole world watched as these miners came out yesterday. and the celebration took place. and here's -- just indulge me on this for a second. we live in this sort of world of woe and certainly with the economy the way it is, who of us doesn't feel like we're trapped in some way? these guys were trapped. i mean, literally, physically trapped. for lo these many, many, many weeks. and they came up and they got the opportunity to breathe fresh air again. and so, in our own way,
8:52 am
vicariously, as these guys came out and got to see the sun again, we thought, well, you know what, we all have a little bit at stake. i mean, it's a bit of a stretch. >> no, it's great. >> when the 33rd miner came up and they asked how did you survive, what got you through it? he said, faith, hope, and family. and so, we take those same three things if times are rocky for us. >> there you go. >> and it gave us all a chance to reflect on some of the things you both mentioned and to remind us what's really important, as you said, maggie, and to know hey this is a little break for everybody around the world to focus on something good. >> i know. how many times do we cover a hard news story and how many times it is good? unfortunately not enough. this time we are so thrilled to have brought you that story. we'll see you again tomorrow. ,[ whitman ] they say california can't be governed anymore.
8:53 am
i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change.
8:54 am
i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento. i'm on a mission to create more jobs, stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪
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in about an hour, we could hear of ifs 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. in about an hour we could hear of arrests in july's fire at san jose's trace elementary school. the fire department has scheduled a news conference this morning. the mercury news reports two teens are suspected. later this morning work begins on improving the safety of pg&e natural gas lines. the california public utilities commission will name the members of the independent review panel. this is in response to last month's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. and drivers may be able to pump gas hands free for a while longer. marketers will be asking for a temporary stay on an order to remove the latches used to prop open nozzles. the fire marshal issued the
8:56 am
order after customers were sprayed with gasoline. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself.
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[ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. good morning. we'll start you off with a commute through oakland. really slow going right now northbound. we have a stall up by high street. and check out this drive time. more than half an hour now from 238 up towards the maze. southbound 880 pretty hefty
8:58 am
commute as well. once you get close tore hayward towards the san mateo bridge. we have pictures taken from chopper 5 a short while ago on westbound 92 where they're continuing emergency repair work just before the high-rise. they have the right lane blocked off for all of the morning commute. they're expecting this to last through the day. traffic is backed up about a mile past the toll plaza. so the don barton bridge traffic is really lightened up as you approach the toll plaza there. both bridges going to be good alternates for westbound 92 for much of the day. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with a last check of weather. got an amazing day coming our way. couple clouds floating over the city of san francisco. looking for a little fog to move in to help the temperatures cool down. mostly sunny in most spots temperatures heating up 80s 90s inland. cooler toward the coastline. 60s and 7 0z. next couple days more fog on the way cool off into the weekend. much cooler through sunday and
8:59 am
monday. of crippling cuts to public schools. class sizes are too big, and all the standardized testing just isn't working. so classroom teachers looked closely at the plans of both candidates for governor. and we're supporting jerry brown. brown's plan focuses on a well-rounded education... with history, science, and the arts as well as english and math. schools where teachers and parents work together. and that's why we urge you to vote for jerry brown, a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again.


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